Does Andrew Scheer have a religion problem? - 2019-07-15

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F0.png Does Andrew Scheer have a religion problem? July 15, 2019, Michael Coren, Opinion, iPolitics

There are various forms of this alleged therapy but they are all based on the premise that homosexuality is undesirable, a product of nurture rather than nature and that people can be "cured." The implication is obvious, and runs against all that Canada embraces scientifically, morally and politically. Yet Andrew Scheer argues that he needs more time and more details before he comes to a decision. That simply doesn't make sense.

The spin machine went into action only hours after the Leader of the Opposition's position became clear last week. This had nothing to do with opposing equal marriage, this was not a product of homophobia, if elected the Conservatives would never dream of reopening the marriage debate and so on. Frankly I don't think a Conservative government would reopen the discussion because the country has moved on, Toronto and Quebec in particular would be aghast and even a large part of Scheer's party and caucus would be outraged. But that doesn't mean that backbenchers wouldn't be allowed to try to initiate a new debate.

There is still a vocal and powerful social conservative bloc within the Conservative party in Ottawa and even more so within the rural and suburban rank-and-file. It was these people who enabled Scheer to defeat Maxime Bernier, just as they pushed Doug Ford past Christine Elliot in Ontario. They probably have a hold of 15 per cent of the membership, and punch well above their weight.

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