Does Mexico really need a Scientology 'Advanced Org'? We'll soon find out. - 2020-01-05

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F347.png Does Mexico really need a Scientology 'Advanced Org'? We'll soon find out. January 5, 2020, Rod Keller, Underground Bunker

The seals on the gates of the Palmas Plaza have been removed and work has started again to renovate the former shopping mall into Scientology's Advanced Org for Latin America. Scientology purchased the building in 2008 and began renovating without permits in 2017. How Scientology convinced officials to issue a permit and remove the seals is unknown. Enrique Vargas del Villar, the Constitutional President of the Municipality of Huixquilucan did not respond to our questions about the permit status.

Don't expect a grand opening ceremony for this Sea Org base this year or next. This is a site in total disrepair and work is just starting after a two year hiatus. Scientology has a story to tell their members about that. Organización Desarrollo Dianética (ODD) is a Class V org in Mexico City that has been renovating for years to become an Ideal Org. It's now being sold as the gateway org; once ODD goes ideal then the Advanced Org in Palmas Plaza can go ahead. A similar tactic was used in South Africa where members were told all their orgs had to go ideal before the Kyalami Castle would open as the new AO. They fell short as Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth are still very far from opening Ideal Orgs, but Kyalami opened anyway in January 2019.

It may be years away, but Scientologists are rearranging their lives around this building. 21-year old Ioanna is a Scientologist from Mexico who decided to join the Sea Org during a recent visit to Saint Hill. She describes how she will give away her business when she activates her billion year contract at Flag Land Base, Clearwater. She will return to Mexico to be an auditor when the AO opens. She had dreams of a family with five children, but that's no longer possible.

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