Donald Trump's 'Star of David' tweet: a recap - 2016-07-05

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F0.png Donald Trump's 'Star of David' tweet: a recap July 5, 2016, Louis Jacobson, PolitiFact

For a story that broke over Fourth of July weekend, the controversy over an allegedly anti-Semitic image tweeted by Donald Trump attracted quite a lot of attention. In case you weren't plugged in over the holiday weekend, here's what you missed.

The original Trump tweet, its deletion, and the revised tweet

At 9:37 am on Saturday, July 2, Trump tweeted an image to his roughly 9.5 million followers. It jabbed his presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, amid criticism for a 30-minute meeting sought by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who heads the Justice Department, which is investigating Hillary Clinton's use of State Department email on a personal server. Observers across the ideological spectrum criticized Bill Clinton's decision to seek a meeting, saying it could be perceived as an effort to pressure Lynch on the email case.

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