Doomsday cult makes waves in Japan - 2003-05-06

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F345.png Doomsday cult makes waves in Japan May 6, 2003, Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

Less than a fortnight before the day it predicts the world will end, Japan's latest high-profile cult rolled slowly and bizarrely away from a confrontation with the police yesterday, leaving behind sniggers, fears and a mountainside draped in white sheets.

Until recently, little was known about Pana Wave Laboratory - one of Japan's many small and mysterious sects - but the group has been given prominence in the past week, which has seen a standoff with the authorities and a raid by hundreds of riot police.

The cult believes most of humankind will be destroyed on May 15, when an undiscovered 10th planet approaches Earth, reversing the magnetic pole and causing floods and tidal waves.

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