Doug Ford's government is a government of grifters - 2019-03-15

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F182.png Doug Ford's government is a government of grifters March 15, 2019, Robyn Urback, CBC News

It claims to be a truck-stop government: "For The People," and other nonsense. That's while holding $1,600-per-plate fundraisers — known as "cash-for-access" fundraisers back when the Liberals were doing it — after gutting the law that the previous administration put in place to stop wealthy stakeholders from purchasing access to provincial lawmakers. (After the Liberals had their fill, it should be noted.)

The Ford government lured supporters with frivolous promises of cheap beer, though its buck-a-beer program barely lasted a few months. And it pegged itself a careful steward of taxpayer dollars, while wasting resources on a vanity "news" channel, an unnecessary audit duplicating the work of the auditor general, and on a show trial of Liberal MPPs, for whom Ontario voters had already delivered a verdict through last June's election.

It's the political equivalent of a carnival-hand cajoling you to a ring toss, though none of the rings actually fit over the pegs and someone will steal your wallet out of your pocket on your last throw.

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