Doug Ford's government is an axe-wielding agent of chaos - 2019-05-07

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F94.png Doug Ford's government is an axe-wielding agent of chaos May 7, 2019, Edward Keenan, Toronto Star

On Friday morning, Mayor John Tory was on CBC Radio's Metro Morning to discuss the latest provincial funding cut for the city of Toronto. This time, it was a reduction in childcare funding that the city manager estimates could cost the city $84.8 million, and jeopardize more than 6,100 subsidized spaces. The province's approach to Toronto has become "uneven, unpredictable and volatile," said the mayor.

When it comes to Toronto, Doug Ford's government is gleefully wielding a wrecking ball without first checking which buildings are in its path, Edward Keenan writes. ( Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS )

It was blunt talk from a leader who has sometimes been criticized for being too diplomatic in his attempts to preserve good relations with those legally enabled to carve the government he leads into whatever shape they please. But it also encapsulated one of the more alarming things that's become apparent about this provincial government in the months since it took office, more so in the weeks since it launched its first budget: Doug Ford's government is a axe-wielding agent of chaos, moving fast and breaking things, without any plans that aren't apparently made up on the fly. Here was city manager Chris Murray, in the letter to councillors about the cuts to child care: " ... the city was not consulted or provided with any advance warning about these changes." Sound familiar? The first clause of that sentence read, "As with recent changes to the provincial/municipal cost-sharing arrangements for public health …" referencing another set of cuts that arrived as a surprise and occupied the city's attention these past couple of weeks. But it could have said, "As with the sudden cutting of the size of city council in half in the middle of an election campaign…," or, "As with the changes to the city's transit plan using new routes and new technology…," or, "As with the decision to shortchange the city for hundreds of millions of dollars in gas tax revenue Premier Ford had directly promised to deliver …"

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