Doug Ford's insatiable hunger to be liked - 2019-06-19

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F94.png Doug Ford's insatiable hunger to be liked June 19, 2019, Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star

Doug Ford smiled weakly as loud boos rained down on him on Monday from many of the 80,000 people at the Raptors' victory celebration at Toronto City Hall.

The Ontario premier maintained his stoic grin a minute later as huge cheers greeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who Ford despises.

It was the third time in recent weeks that Ford has been the target of widespread booing. The first occurred at the opening of the Special Olympics at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, an event filled with children, and the second at the Collision international high-tech conference, an event filled with entrepreneurs and business people.

For Ford, the jeers are particularly unnerving because, despite his reputation as a tough guy and a bully, he's really a man with an insatiable hunger to be liked — or even to be loved.

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