Doug Ford's misguided war on Toronto - 2019-05-10

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F132.png Doug Ford's misguided war on Toronto May 10, 2019, Editorial, Globe and Mail

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, two-time candidate for mayor of Toronto, made his feelings known about his home city very quickly after his election in 2018. Without warning or consultation, his Progressive Conservative government cut the number of seats on the city council from 47 to 25.

It was an undemocratic and vindictive move. It also came out of nowhere: At no time during the election campaign had Mr. Ford even hinted he would reduce the size of council if he were elected.

In retrospect, Mr. Ford's capricious strike against Toronto – and only Toronto – was a harbinger of his government's first budget, tabled last month. In it, the "government for the people" has undertaken a series of moves that will have a steep financial impact on the city, one disproportionate to that hitting other cities in the province.

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