Doug Ford's propaganda against a price on carbon - 2019-05-17

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F99.png Doug Ford's propaganda against a price on carbon May 17, 2019, Gerald Kutney, National Observer

I recently re-read George Orwell's classic novel 1984, in which propaganda is the "weapon" of the dystopian state. An uncomfortable feeling came over me, when I realized that a similar story is unfolding before our eyes with Ontario Premier Doug Ford's state-sponsored propaganda targeting the federal government's price on carbon to mitigate climate change.

As severe floods struck Ottawa for the second time in three years, Ford himself realized that "something is going on and we have to be conscious of it." Despite the disasters, he expressed no sense of urgency and seeks to do less on climate change. Mitigation measures, such as funding for flood programs, have been cut.

Ontario is challenging the federal government's carbon price as unconstitutional in court. In an unorthodox move, Ford twisted the judges' inquiries during the trial into propaganda by stating on Twitter that the judge was supporting the provincial arguments. Following swift, harsh criticism, Ford deleted his tweet.

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