Doug Ford: King of cover up - 2018-01-29

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F0.png Doug Ford: King of cover up January 29, 2018, Sarah Thomson, Womens Post

Today, the worst candidate I can think of for leadership of the Ontario PC party – Doug Ford – has announced he is running. And I realize now why he didn't come rushing to Patrick Brown's side to defend him. Doug Ford is an overly ambitious man who would use his brother's coffin to vault himself into the limelight. Harsh words, but never have any truer words been written about the man.

Let me tell you about some of the secrets I've learned that happened in 2013, when I came out on Mayor Rob Ford's drug induced grope. Apparently, when the news hit social media, Doug Ford immediately started making phone calls to his "buddies" in the press. His strategy was to control and manipulate public opinion. He fed the press questions that cast doubt on me, he pulled the shadiest councillors he could find (from Vaughn) to twist the narrative, and finally he went on the Fords Newstalk 1010 radio show and made me out to be just another "crazy" woman. Doug Ford knew that taking things out of context, and controlling the court of public opinion was the only way he could hide the truth. And for a while he managed to do it.

But hiding the truth is a bit like trying to hold water in a broken bucket – it eventually leaks out.

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