Doug Ford: a premier 'For the (Rich) People' - 2019-04-24

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F94.png Doug Ford: a premier 'For the (Rich) People' April 24, 2019, Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star

For all his blustery talk about understanding "the little guy," the truth is Doug Ford has lived a privileged life, one that few people other than the rich in Toronto get to enjoy. His father owned Deco Labels and Tags, a successful business that meant the Ford family lived a safe, secure life without the daily problems faced by many of the poor and disadvantaged in Toronto or around Ontario.

Doug Ford never had to go hungry, never had to worry about whether his mother or father could find an affordable apartment, never had to figure out how he could pay for a lawyer if he got into trouble with the police, never had to fear about being unable to afford to go to college or university. And when Ford dropped out of Humber College after attending classes for barely two months, his daddy gave him a job at the family company, thus saving his son from frantically looking for work to pay the bills — or worse, asking for social assistance in order to survive. So it should come as no big surprise that despite his mantra about being "For the People," Ford has emerged as premier "For the Rich People."

The evidence is overwhelming: On public health, Ford is making massive cuts in funding to public health units, a move that will cost Toronto Public Health $1 billion over the next 10 years. That translates into cuts in school breakfast programs that feed hungry children, daycare and restaurant inspections, water-quality testing, pre- and postnatal care for single mothers, and detection of emerging threats to public health. Even the Ford-loving Toronto Sun has warned the premier to be careful about the public-health cuts.

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