Doug Ford gets it wrong even when he's right - 2019-07-19

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F94.png Doug Ford gets it wrong even when he's right July 19, 2019, Heather Mallick, Toronto Star

Doug Ford does have his moments. Ever since it was suggested to me that I shouldn't write in such a "mean and nasty" way about Ontario's own very dear pillock of a premier, I have been flummoxed, if not entirely silent about the man. Work with me, Premier Ford. Charm is good. So are good intentions.

Finally, I have a reason to praise Ford. He parted company with his buddy Dean French, who seemed to be repopulating the Ontario government payroll with pals in the lacrosse and basketball "communities," as they would now be termed. French seemed less a chief of staff than a hyperactive high school guidance counsellor trying to up his job scores.

Most new hires put up photos of friends and family in their office; others overshoot and start interviewing them for jobs. It's like bringing comfy old pleather furniture to your new house instead of starting afresh with EQ3 or Design Republic.

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