Drug Center Proposal Criticized - 1989-09-01

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F231.png Drug Center Proposal Criticized September 1, 1989, Michael McNutt, News OK

Narconon's "purification" program to be used at a proposed drug treatment center near Newkirk has been called illogical and a disguised program to recruit members for the Church of Scientology, two Oklahoma health professionals say. Bruce A. Roe, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma, said the program is "pure unadulterated copies" filled with "some scientific truth, but mainly (it) is illogical." Dr. C. Mark Palmer, a Ponca City doctor specializing in internal medicine, said Narconon's program is filled with "so many false generalizations, internal inconsistencies, outright lies and potentially dangerous treatments, I think it is without question that Narconon will be a detriment to the Newkirk area, Kay County and the state of Oklahoma as a whole."

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