Early On, Scientology Turns You Into a Snitch - 2013-03-19

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F347.png Early On, Scientology Turns You Into a Snitch March 19, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Ah, the good old days... Claire Headley has started us on our journey to train as Scientologists. In 2005, Claire and her husband Marc escaped from Scientology's International Base after many years as "Sea Org" workers. She spent years working with Scientology's "tech," and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Claire, after the introductory Communication Course, there are apparently a number of different paths that a beginning Scientologist can take as they begin a trip up the Bridge to Total Freedom. For you, the next step was a course called "Overcoming the Ups and Downs of Life," and you estimate its price at between $100 to $200. Can you set the scene for us? How did "Ups and Downs" unfold for you?

CLAIRE: At this point we're still in the introductory course room with a course pack, checksheet, and your study materials. During the course you learn the meanings of basic Scientology terms, do drills, and write essays to apply the materials you are reading to your life.

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