Erin O'Toole has a big Jason Kenney problem - 2021-09-16

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F94.png Erin O'Toole has a big Jason Kenney problem September 16, 2021, Althia Raj, Opinion, Toronto Star

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole must be wishing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could have held off a few extra days before announcing sweeping public health changes and a mea culpa to the province over his handling of COVID-19.

Wednesday evening, Kenney acknowledged the fourth wave of the pandemic is ripping through his province at an alarming rate — in large part because of low vaccination numbers and inadequate public health measures which have allowed the virus to spread. Measures he loosened earlier this summer.

The situation in Alberta is devastating. As my colleague Kieran Leavitt wrote, 24 people died on Wednesday — a rate of one per hour. There were 269 patients fighting for their lives in intensive care units. Thousands of necessary surgeries were cancelled to care for the mostly unvaccinated flooding hospital wings.

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