Escaping Scientology Twice - 2018-02-11

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F355.png Escaping Scientology Twice February 11, 2018, Live From America Podcast, YouTube

This week on Live From America Podcast

An episode About Scientology. A look from the inside. We speak with Karen Pressley (Author of Escaping Scientology) about her time spent trapped within the cult. Also in the studio are Karen Margolis and Tommy O Malley from the Unhireable Podcast

We first learn from Pressley about the ideology behind Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard created a religion that promotes self power, claiming followers have supernatural abilities. There is no praying, worshiping, or god. There is only believing that they are god like. This mentality is established from the very beginning auditing process. This mentality, Karen explains, changes how followers handle conflict. This is all part of "the con". These are the "steps of the bridge", as recruits unknowingly surrender control of their free will.

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