Ezra Levant Announces Plan To "Reboot" The Rebel - 2017-08-23

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F0.png Ezra Levant Announces Plan To "Reboot" The Rebel August 23, 2017, Jonathan Goldsbie, Canadaland

"I am a flawed leader who has made mistakes," Ezra Levant conceded Tuesday night as part of a fundraising plea on a "SPECIAL edition" of his nightly Rebel Media show, which was brought out from behind its usual paywall.

He admitted that, following a terrible week for The Rebel, the status quo was no longer acceptable and that he would need to take a number of steps to put the company on stronger footing.

"Do you think we can pull out of this?" he asked his guest, longtime managing producer Hannah Vanderkooy. "Part of me thinks it's just been a media fake crisis, but part of it was real, and I want to acknowledge that."

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