FEMA Denies Involvement in PPE Seizures? - 2020-04-10

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F0.png FEMA Denies Involvement in PPE Seizures? April 10, 2020, Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

This is very, very strange. As we've reported on the seemingly ubiquitous seizures and reroutings of purchases of medical supplies, FEMA has always appeared to be at the heart of it, even though the targeted buyers are seldom given much information about who took their supplies. But now FEMA is denying that it is requisitioning or confiscating supplies anywhere within the United States, except in cases where they suspect criminal activity.

This afternoon today we noted an earlier version of this article in The Bellingham (Washington) Herald, which described yet another case of interdicted supplies. A major hospital group in the Pacific Northwest had testing supplies rerouted, purportedly to the East Coast. The Los Angeles Times first reported on this seizure on Tuesday and said it was carried out by FEMA. In fact, a FEMA spokesperson explained the actions by saying that FEMA "has developed a system for identifying needed supplies from vendors and distributing them equitably."

But at some point over the course of the day the Herald article was substantially revised on the basis of a new statement received from FEMA in which FEMA denied any role in what happened. "Reports of FEMA commandeering or re-routing such supplies are false," FEMA said in the statement.

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