Faith Goldy Pissed Off The Wrong Lawyer - 2019-05-06

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F0.png Faith Goldy Pissed Off The Wrong Lawyer May 6, 2019, Sean Craig, Canadaland

When Jack Siegel first saw Faith Goldy's written submission to the City of Toronto committee tasked with enforcing election finance rules, he was taken aback.

"The screen opens up with it, and I kind of do a double take," he recalls. "Because it looks like one of my submissions."

As a prominent lawyer in municipal election law, Siegel had prepared many submissions for compliance audit committees in the past, both in support of citizens requesting campaign audits and in defence of candidates who've been the subjects of requests. Some of his previous submissions, which begin with a multi-page overview of legal provisions and precedents before zooming in to the details of a specific case, can readily be found online.

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