Far-Right Propagandist Turns up in Moscow After Jan. 6 - 2021-09-01

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F0.png Far-Right Propagandist Turns up in Moscow After Jan. 6 September 1, 2021, Michael Edison Hayden, Southern Poverty Law Center

Bausman, 57, is an American man known for producing the pro-Kremlin website Russia Insider, which he has in recent years infused with overtly fascist and antisemitic content. He mystifies not only researchers of the far right, who struggle to understand his objectives or his funding, but also his own family. Bausman's older sister, Mary Watkins, who says she loves her brother but opposes his fascist politics, told Hatewatch she watched online as his wife, Kristina Bausman, originally from the rural community of Mednogorsk, Russia, posted a video to Facebook of what looked to her like a live scene from the Trump rally that descended into violence.

"I messaged her as everything was happening and said, 'You're not there, are you?' She said, 'No, no, we're here in Lancaster,'" Watkins recalled of Jan. 6.

Hatewatch launched this investigation in January after an anonymous tipster alleged to us that Bausman "fled the country" after traveling to Washington, D.C., for the fateful Trump event. Hatewatch then visited Bausman's home in Lancaster twice in March and interviewed more than a dozen of his neighbors but found no trace of him. Neighbors told Hatewatch that Bausman moved into their community in 2018, shortly after relocating from Russia. He promoted hard-right causes, including the anti-lockdown protests during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. He involved himself in #StoptheSteal activism perpetuating the lie of a stolen election alongside others in the far right, such as members of the gun-worshipping Unification Church cult. He hyped the Jan. 6 event on social media. Then he seemed to disappear from Lancaster, leaving his 2020 Christmas lights and a Betsy Ross-style American flag dangling from his porch.

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