Far-Right Reinforcements Swarm Judge's House for Ammon Bundy - 2021-04-05

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F375.png Far-Right Reinforcements Swarm Judge's House for Ammon Bundy April 5, 2021, Kelly Weill, Daily Beast

Joey Gibson was struggling to find a parking place for his flag-festooned pickup truck. The residential Boise, Idaho, neighborhood was already crowded with people and vehicles, including a large motorhome with a "MAGA MONSTA" sign. ("She parked right in front of my driveway," a resident shouted about the motorhome. "That's not okay.")

Many in the crowd on Saturday were not locals. Gibson, the leader of the far-right streetfighting group Patriot Prayer, had traveled interstate from western Washington. He and others were there to protest outside the home of a judge involved in the case of Ammon Bundy, the leader of a different far-right group. The protest, which Gibson helped promote by sharing the judge's address on the Internet, was a melting pot of fringe activists deeply invested in Bundy's already-contentious court case.

"We need civil disobedience and we need people who are courageous enough to go to jail while you guys haul them in there," Gibson shouted through a megaphone at police who guarded Magistrate Judge David Manweiler house, while a crowd waved signs on the suburban street.

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