Far-Right Social-Media Sites Packed With Foreign Clickbait - 2020-10-13

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F375.png Far-Right Social-Media Sites Packed With Foreign Clickbait October 13, 2020, Adam Rawnsley, Daily Beast

The Macedonian youngsters who cashed in on conservative outrage bait are back for 2020 and this time they've got a new ally helping them harvest clicks. Parler, the dollar-store Twitter clone catering to right wingers, is now proving to be a welcome host for the plagiarizing grifters from Eastern Europe.

New research published by the Stanford Internet Observatory and disinformation-tracking firm Graphika for the nonprofit Election Integrity Project shows that a handful of operators from the global clickbait capital of the Balkans, have found success on the alt platform with clickbait sites like Resist the Mainstream.

"As Facebook and Twitter get better at fighting this disinformation, especially for people who are financially motivated, it's becoming less profitable to try to build an audience there. When someone finds you out, your entire work can be gone," Jack Cable, one of the authors of the report on Resist the Mainstream told The Daily Beast. "Because of that, we're seeing a lot of them shifting to social media platforms like Parler or Gab, where they're less likely to have enforcement actions taken against them."

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