Far-right extremism in Canada: are we in denial? - 2019-04-22

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F0.png Far-right extremism in Canada: are we in denial? April 22, 2019, Barbara Perry, Now Magazine

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos asserted during a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee meeting last week that claims white supremacy represents a threat to "democratic government" at home and abroad "flies in the face of reality."

That Housakos's comments came less than a month after the horrifying murders of 50 Muslim worshippers (and children) by a white nationalist in New Zealand should be enough to underline the absurdity of his statement. The Christchurch shooter, in fact, had travelled widely across Europe, engaging with his white nationalist brethren. There are indisputable links between extreme-right activists throughout the Western world.

And, contrary to deniers like Housakos, it's also a movement that has infected Canada in both practical and ideological terms.

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