Ford's False Choice For Students - 2019-02-22

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F0.png Ford's False Choice For Students February 22, 2019, Brad Evoy, The Leveller

For students placed squeezed by capitalism generally and cuts made to OSAP specifically, this choice may appear like an easy one. Who wouldn't want to ease an increasingly dire financial burden in any small way?

The Ford government wishes to silence student and campus voices that articulate alternative narratives to that of their party. To them and their campus Conservatives acolytes, this isn't about students interests in general, but their own.

This idea of a simple opt-out to get back money is the notion provided to students by the Conservative Party and their youth acolytes. At Carleton University, the Conservative Youth wing describes this initiative in a statement as one which will "allow students to opt-out of non-academic ancillary fees." It will "leave more money in the pockets of students while also ending the unfair practice of funnelling large sums of money into the hands of radical student groups that don't represent the true interests of students."

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