Ford's deficit hype conceals Ontario's dirty secret - 2019-05-08

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F94.png Ford's deficit hype conceals Ontario's dirty secret May 8, 2019, Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star

We can see Doug Ford is a man who is comfortable swinging an axe through some of our most cherished social programs. But to truly understand Ontario's smiling premier — to look deep into his soul, as it were — we must consider why he is being so brutal.

He insists he has no choice, that the Ontario's mounting deficits force him to cut the province's budgets for health care, education, child care, libraries, legal aid, student loans, flood control, tree planting and anything else that moves, grows or matters in our lives. (A similar claim of necessity was made by the debt-plagued New Zealand government in the 1990s when it ordered the shooting of a newborn hippo at the zoo, explaining it couldn't afford to expand the pen.)

Nevertheless, preventing debt from spiralling out of control sounds like a plausible explanation for Ford's spending cuts — until one notices his tax cuts. That's when it becomes clear the premier is, well, lying.

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