Ford's forcing of 'free speech' inhibits freedom - 2018-09-10

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F0.png Ford's forcing of 'free speech' inhibits freedom September 10, 2018, Meera Ulysses, The Varsity

On August 30, Premier Doug Ford delivered on his campaign promise to prioritize 'freedom of speech' on university and college campuses. A statement issued by the provincial government indicated that Ontario schools that receive any amount of provincial funding are required, by January 1, 2019, to develop and implement policies that would foster freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas both on campuses and within student groups.

If compliance is discovered to be insufficient, schools could face funding cuts. On an individual level, the government also recommends that students who present themselves as barriers to freedom of speech should be subject to campus disciplinary measures.

The idea of a government compelling freedom through threats and coercion indisputably contains a certain irony. There is also an eerie hypocrisy about Ford suddenly heralding himself as the defender of freedom of speech, being that one of Ford's first actions upon taking office was to require that school teachers teaching sex ed only use a syllabus from the '90s, essentially omitting any information dealing with gender identity, sexual orientation, or consent.

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