Former Top Hedge Fund Manager Also A Former Part-Time Cop - 2019-01-14

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F0.png Former Top Hedge Fund Manager Also A Former Part-Time Cop January 14, 2019, Jon Shazar, Dealbreaker

Don't worry: Bob Mercer didn't fly 1,800 miles six times a year just to live out a fantasy, although we're sure that was fun. He did it so he could carry a gun around East Setauket.

When David Magerman confronted his now-former boss, the now-former co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, over Robert Mercer's support for President Trump, he may have been putting himself at mortal as well as professional danger. That's because, in spite of the fact that the encounter occurred in notoriously gun-owner-unfriendly Manhattan, Mercer may well have packing.

You see, in addition to his many other unusual enthusiasms, Mercer's a bit of a gun nut. He likes showing his collection off, and even has a special underground vault in Manhattan to house it. And as any gun nut would, he'd really like to be able to pack heat. This is difficult in the greater New York area, where concealed carry permits are harder to obtain than underground armories or decent help. Luckily for Mercer, the National Rifle Association—in the guise of the United States Congress—crafted a handy loophole for him way back in 2004: All he needed to do, in addition to co-running one of the largest hedge funds in the world and violating whatever data-privacy he needed to undermine democracy around the world, was become a cop. Happily enough for Mercer and his fellows, a small town in New Mexico was looking for some part-time cops on the cheap. Plus, being a reservist for the Lake Arthur police sounds like fun, other than the part about getting to the town, which is about 20 miles southeast of the bustling metropolis of Roswell.

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