Former environment commissioner says the government is 'breaking things' - 2019-10-29

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F0.png Former environment commissioner says the government is 'breaking things' October 29, 2019, Mark Brown, Blackburn News

Dr. Dianne Saxe, a world-renowned environmental lawyer who served for over three years as Ontario's non-partisan Commissioner for the Environment, had some critical words for the current provincial government during a talk at the University of Windsor's Alumni Auditorium. About 50 people attended the address as part of the Women of Valour Series, a joint effort by the University and the Windsor Jewish Community Centre. The address was part of a two-day itinerary for Saxe in Windsor-Essex, during which she met with law students and the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research. She was scheduled to meet with the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) on Tuesday.

The daughter of prominent Toronto chief coroner and MPP Morton Schulman and neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe, Dr. Saxe took attendees through an overview of her career as an environmental lawyer, first with the provincial government and later in private practice. She paid particularly close attention to her work as environmental commissioner, to which she was appointed in 2015 by then-premier Kathleen Wynne.

"Once I started to understand the science and what's happening with all the policy, I just felt a compulsion to start talking to people," said Saxe. "We had lots of public interest in our work, which was amazing because when I was appointed, most people in Ontario didn't know we had an environmental commission, didn't know we had an Environmental Bill of Rights… and that was after 25 years."

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