From the outside, looking in - 2005-07-24

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F78.png From the outside, looking in July 24, 2005, Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Some of the things Chuck Beatty says he's done over the past 30 years sound like scenes from a science fiction movie.

Signing over a billion years of his current and future lives to service. Hiding from German news helicopters flying over the California camp where he lived. Spending more than six years doing hard labor under constant monitoring by his peers.

But Beatty, 53, now of Carnegie, says he was just one of the many faithful members of the Sea Organization, an intense division of the Church of Scientology. In 2004, Beatty left behind the life that had enveloped him for nearly three decades and moved to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles to assist other people interested in leaving, since he knows how difficult it is.

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