Fromer Scientologist warns of dangers - 1988-04-01

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F15.png Fromer Scientologist warns of dangers April 1, 1988, Margery Wakefield, Letters, St. Petersburg Times

Editor: I came to Tampa six years ago to bring a lawsuit against the "Church" of Scientology. In 1982 I gave a speech at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Clearwater to more than 1,000 people. I begged the people attending that speech to become informed about the activities of this notorious organization and not to become apathetic about this situation.

Scientology is a terrible nightmare. I know, because I have been on both sides of it. The most terrible thing about Scientology is what it does to parents. Parents literally lose their children to Scientology. Their children become cold, calculating strangers who come to believe that their parents are the evil enemy, the dreaded Suppressive Person of Scientology.

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