Fundamentalist Scientology and Enforced Disconnection - 2015-09-16

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F355.png Fundamentalist Scientology and Enforced Disconnection September 16, 2015, Growing Up In Scientology, YouTube

This week's video discusses fundamentalist Scientology and its relationship to enforced familial disconnection. We examine which of Scientology's core beliefs are most responsible for driving fundamentalist Scientology and how these beliefs are leveraged to degrade the value of and break apart families.

Disconnection is, in my opinion, Scientology's Achilles Heel. People will put up with a lot of crap, but disconnection that splits parents and their children, husbands and their wives, or siblings is uniquely sickening not only to the public at large who watch Scientology, but also to the people who live it and experience it. Disconnection is destroying Scientology, yet the Church of Scientology keeps enforcing it harder and harder. Why?

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