Furries Got an Alt-Right Troll Banned From Their Convention - 2019-09-16

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F344.png Furries Got an Alt-Right Troll Banned From Their Convention September 16, 2019, EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone

Milo Yiannopolous was once on top of the world. The former editor at Breitbart News had built his brand around supporting Gamergate and trafficking in racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic rhetoric, winning him a devoted fan base among disaffected young white men and a lucrative career as an author and campus speaker. Then, his career took a swift nose dive after several video clips surfaced, featuring Yiannopolous suggesting that sex between adult men and boys as young as 13 can be "perfectly consensual." Yiannopolous subsequently lost his book deal, his job, and an invitation to speak at CPAC, and it's clear he's been struggling as of late: last week, he complained on the messaging app Telegram thread that he was unable to promote his work because he had been deplatformed by all of the major social media companies, causing many on the internet to play the world's tiniest violins and revel in his downfall.

Apparently, however, there are still a few spaces where Yiannopolous felt welcome, one of which was MidWest FurFest, a furry convention to be held near Chicago this December. Although Yiannopolous had planned to attend the conference, many within the community weren't happy, and successfully campaigned to have him banned.

In an email statement to Rolling Stone, a representative for MidWest FurFest says that Yiannopolous's attendance at the convention "may lead to an inability to provide a safe and welcoming experience for convention participants," and as a result has rescinded his registration and barred him from registering forMidwest FurFest events.

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