GOP Megadonors Are Coming for Trump - 2023-02-07

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F0.png GOP Megadonors Are Coming for Trump February 7, 2023, Cameron Joseph, Vice News

Two of the biggest-spending groups of Republican megadonors are making it clear that they don't want Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee, a sign that anti-Trump candidates will be well-funded in the 2024 presidential primaries.

The Koch network, the largest-spending political network on the right, and The Club for Growth, a fiscally conservative group that was once close to Trump, both announced plans to work against Trump in recent days.

Trump didn't need megadonors in his first presidential primary run in 2016—he was fueled largely by small donors and a huge amount of free earned media given cable TV's obsessive coverage. But the open plotting against him shows that many powerful forces in the GOP are ready to move on.

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