Game Over for Kenney - 2020-03-20

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F0.png Game Over for Kenney March 20, 2020, Michael Harris, The Tyee

One of the many stories that the pandemic has eclipsed is Jason Kenney. Alberta's premier is suddenly at risk of going from being one of Canada's most successful populist politicians into its most outdated leader.

Say Hello to Our New Health Reporter: Moira Wyton

Before COVID-19 turned Times Square into a ghost town, shut down the NHL, and closed Parliament, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Taj Mahal, Kenney was making news directing elbows into Justin Trudeau's grizzled beard — elbows sharpened by years of political skirmishing. He kept bugging Trudeau to concentrate on the economy. Alberta's primarily.

It was the familiar harangue: Ottawa was failing the West and the energy sector, and it had to stop or else. Trudeau had other fish to fry, including extravagant promises on fighting climate change — promises he largely broke during his first term, and for which he was punished by voters in 2019.

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