Get Your MFA from L. Ron Hubbard - 2012-03-14

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F0.png Get Your MFA from L. Ron Hubbard March 14, 2012, Blake Butler, Vice News

Hell if I can tell you from where Hubbard drummed the logic and sounds in his sentences. Sure, we assume he's nuts, not to mention a dickface who raked in money manufactured in god's name, but isn't that in some way what the majority of all authors in their secret dreams wish would come about for them? L. Ron Hubbard is pretty much just an even more vilified and mega-loaded Gordon Lish.

Here are some example sentences culled from Hubbard's Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (which he originally thought about calling The Dark Sword, Excalibur), pretty much the cornerstone of the whole religion, published in 1950, and all of which could serve as more effective teaching tools than…oh, I don't know, take your pick:

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