Godfrey slammed over Scientology - 2008-08-07

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F356.png Godfrey slammed over Scientology August 7, 2008, Irish Independent

A former Drogheda councillor and Mayor has been criticised for supporting the controversial Scientology religion.

Frank Godfrey, a local activist who lost his seat in the last election, appears in a promotional video praising the organisations anti-drugs stance. Campaigners criticised Mr Godfrey for supporting the movement, claiming their anti-drugs campaign was targeting the most vulnerable in society.

However, defending his appearance in an online video for Scientology, Mr Godfrey said: 'I support any group that promotes an anti-drugs message. I don't know a lot about Scientology but people who are out there fighting drugs, I am in support of them no matter who they are.

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