Gohmert Swears $5,500 'Donation' to Holocaust Denier Was a Mistake - 2021-06-15

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F375.png Gohmert Swears $5,500 'Donation' to Holocaust Denier Was a Mistake June 15, 2021, Will Bredderman, Daily Beast

Rep. Louie Gohmert celebrated New Year's Eve 2020 by dropping several thousand dollars into the coffers of a vitriolically homophobic and anti-Semitic pastor, federal records indicate. But his office insists the whole thing was just a giant mistake.

Team Gohmert claims it hired a Christian singer named Steve Amerson from Granada HIlls, California, but accidentally reported to the Federal Election Commission that the cash went to the Tempe, Arizona address of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, led by the infamous Pastor Steve Anderson.

Yes, the pastor happens to embrace a more extreme form of Gohmert's homophobic rhetoric. And yes, the money was earmarked as a "donation." But it wasn't meant for Anderson, and wasn't a donation at all, in Team Gohmert's telling. They just screwed up the name, purpose, and address of the recipient of their largesse. Oops.

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