Going Clear is a 'must-see' Scientology documentary - 2015-03-20

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F146.png Going Clear is a 'must-see' Scientology documentary March 20, 2015, Owen Gleiberman, BBC

Going Clear makes you empathise with Scientology's rank and file, who come off as victims of Church leaders' eager advertising. Yet what's most resonant about the film is that, like Scientology itself, it speaks to the tendencies of our age. The impulse to purge yourself of doubt and neurosis, the desire to seek out a leader who can save us – these are things that just about anyone can relate to. The twisted genius of L Ron Hubbard is that he figured out a way to define and exploit contemporary soul sickness. He was right about the disease. But Going Clear makes a powerful case that he came up with a cure that only made it worse.

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