Golden Era remodels golf clubhouse - 2015-08-21

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F121.png Golden Era remodels golf clubhouse August 21, 2015, Press-Enterprise

The site of the golf course was originally part of the Gilman Hot Springs Resort, founded in 1913 by the Earl Gilman family. The Gilmans developed the Foothills 9 – the first all-grass golf course on this side of Riverside County – which opened in 1931. During the following three decades, the family added two more courses and other features to the resort.

In 1978, the family sold the resort to the Church of Scientology International, which established its film and sound studios on the site.

The original golf courses were destroyed in the San Jacinto flood of 1980 before Golden Era reopened nine holes in the 1990s as a public course. In 2007, the church's board of directors decided to turn it into a private venue for exclusive use, free of charge, by nonprofit and charitable groups.

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