Good thing this isn't the integrity election - 2019-10-14

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F0.png Good thing this isn't the integrity election October 14, 2019, Michael Harris, Hill Times

While Canada's national leaders have been offering their less than compelling sales pitches to an underwhelmed public, the RCMP have been quietly investigating just how Alberta's new premier, Jason Kenney, won the leadership of the party he now leads—the United Conservative Party.

As reported by the CBC, the Kenney campaign is being accused of: operating voting kiosks that fiddled the vote in that contest, collusion with another candidate to defeat a key leadership rival, and using fraudulent emails to cast ballots. Innocent until proven guilty to be sure, but once again the familiar smell of beached fish.

Although Kenney is now an elected provincial politician, there is a direct bridge back to the national conservative party. For most of his career, he was a key cabinet minister in the federal government of Stephen Harper, and the prime minister's right hand man. It was largely Kenney's work that galvanized the ethnic vote that gave Harper his one and only majority government in 2011.

That same election also gave Canada its biggest unsolved political crime—robocalls.

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