Google buckles under power of DMCA - 2008-03-12

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F107.png Google buckles under power of DMCA March 12, 2008, Sylvie Barak, The Inquirer

Google is no stranger to gutless cowardice. In early 2006 Google voluntarily offered the Chinese government to censor its results, in return for being allowed greater access to the Chinese market. Earlier, in 2002, Google succumbed to the joint malevolent powers of weirdo alien cult, Church of Scientology, and its friend and ally the DCMA (surprise, surprise). The pair pressured the Search Engine giant to delete certain URLs from its results which directed searchers to pages maintained by, a popular scientology critic. The pretext? Well, Xenu was apparently careless in that it used scientology texts to critique the "religion". Texts which scientologists invoked copyright infringement on.

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