Google excludes controversial sites - 2002-10-24

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F0.png Google excludes controversial sites October 24, 2002, Declan McCullagh, CNet, ZDNet

The Harvard report comes as Google is becoming increasingly embroiled in international political disputes over copyright and censorship. China blocked access to Google last month.

Google was criticised in March for bowing to a demand from the Church of Scientology to delete critical sites from its index. In a response that won praise, Google replied by pledging to report future legal threats to the site run by law school clinics.

As Google has become the way more and more people find information on the Internet, it has become an increasingly visible target for copyright complaints about cached information and allegedly infringing links.'s Google section lists 16 requests or legal threats the company in the past three months. One Google competitor and critic even suggested that the wildly popular search engine be transformed into a government-controlled "public utility".

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