Group Says IRS Employees Improperly Bought Land - 1989-10-25

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F47.png Group Says IRS Employees Improperly Bought Land October 25, 1989, Jonathan Peterson, Los Angeles Times

A watchdog group charged Tuesday that the Internal Revenue Service's top criminal investigator in Los Angeles and several colleagues improperly bought property from an El Monte firm that was being audited by the IRS and then used it for their own tax benefit.

"Had anything like the El Monte situation occurred in the district I was working in, the officials certainly would have been fired," said Paul J. DesFosses, a retired IRS agent and president of the National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers, a loosely knit network of current and former IRS employees.

Shortly after the 1981 property transfer, the taxpayer's IRS troubles apparently ended: The government terminated the audit and found that the taxpayer, Elco Manufacturing Co., did not owe more money, the watchdog group said Tuesday, based on records that it obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

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