Group warns about erosion of public education - 2020-01-15

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F0.png Group warns about erosion of public education January 15, 2020, Jim Vibert, Journal Pioneer

The epicentre of public education lunacy in Canada is obviously Doug Ford's Ontario, where a confidential report leaked this week alerting folks to the government's plan to cut costs by replacing high school teachers with online courses.

The document, obtained by the Toronto Star, shows that the Ford government is contemplating to-the-bone cuts to public education. A suite of online courses Ontario hopes to sell to other jurisdictions — at a tidy profit— is part of a plan. Ontario high school students would be able to earn diplomas exclusively online by 2024.

Meanwhile in Nova Scotia, Educators for Social Justice (ESJ) teamed up with Parents for Public Education to sound the alarm about what they see as a similar, worrisome drift in public education down here.

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