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F347.png HOWDYCON 2017 IS HERE - DENVER IS CLEAR! June 22, 2017, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Our thanks once again to Observer, who has worked tirelessly to help us get the word out about our second annual gathering, HowdyCon 2017. We've really enjoyed her 70s-themed images of some of the illustrious folks who will be joining us in our little meetup.

Last year, we met for the first time in Cleveland, Ohio. And what a time we had. Carnegie Mellon University professor Dave Touretzky flew out in his private plane, Pete Griffiths and Johnny Tank came all the way from Europe, and the little Fly larvae honored Steve "Captain Howdy" Cox with a shark costume.

Some of the early arrivals are flying and driving to Denver today. The reliable Kim O'Brien has arranged everything, and she wanted us to give out her email address (kimob2 AT gmail DOT com) and she'll let you know where this evening's festivities are.

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