Hacker Fears Retaliation From Clients, Court Documents Show - 2015-07-08

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F37.png Hacker Fears Retaliation From Clients, Court Documents Show July 8, 2015, Matthew Goldstein, New York Times

Mr. Saldarriaga's efforts at cooperation began shortly after federal authorities first approached him in March 2014 and said they had evidence that he paid an overseas hacker-for-hire firm to illegally obtain passwords to email accounts for dozens of individuals. Mr. Saldarriaga agreed to help the authorities and recorded several phone calls with one person who had hired him to hack into several personal email accounts, the unsealed court filings show.

The unidentified person that Mr. Saldarriaga taped the phone calls with is described by federal authorities as being one of his main clients in the filing. The client is said to be someone who has done investigations on behalf of the Church of Scientology, said people briefed on the case but not authorized to speak publicly.

Nothing in the newly released filings publicly identifies the church as being associated with Mr. Saldarriaga. But the day before he was sentenced, federal prosecutors filed victim impact statements from two people who have been outspoken critics of Scientology and were told by federal authorities that their email accounts may have been illegally hacked by Mr. Saldarriaga.

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