Harper's 'shameless' move to steal away more freedoms - 2014-10-27

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F0.png Harper's 'shameless' move to steal away more freedoms October 27, 2014, Michael Harris, Opinion, iPolitics

If there was no connection to ISIL, did the government really need to give the authorities more powers of arrest? Did the government, which had already given CSIS more tools to fight terrorism in 2012, including the power of preventive arrest, really need to add even more extraordinary power to this already extraordinarily powerful agency? How do you lower the threshold for preventive arrest, which already lowers the threshold of basic civil rights protection? How much lowering is enough?

After all, with the huge resources the Harper government has spent on national security since 2006, including an obscenely expensive billion-dollar new home for CSEC, this crude attack was not stopped. As the Manchester Guardian noted, this was a spectacular failure of Canadian intelligence, despite all the additional powers that community has been given by Stephen Harper.

But the emotional waters had been whipped up to a frothing cauldron by the media. On the day of Cpl. Cirillo's murder, there were a barrage of unconfirmed reports of multiple shooters and multiple shooting scenes in Ottawa. The effect was to foster public hysteria. The coverage of the event reached an irresponsible crescendo when it was mentioned on the CBC that this could be Canada's 9/11. It was then gravely reported by the network that everything had now "changed." The script could have been written by the Harper PMO.

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