Harper's Conservatives No Friend to the Union Worker - 2015-07-17

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F0.png Harper's Conservatives No Friend to the Union Worker July 17, 2015, Tom Sandborn, The Tyee

Class warfare is a very bad thing, according to the pundits who create and enforce the limits of acceptable public opinion in Canada. In fact, any mention of class relations or interests other than a pious reference to the "middle class" seems to have been banned across much of the mainstream media. It's become taboo to notice that Canada has a ruling class, and that that class actively intervenes in public life to promote its interests.

In May, columnist John Ivison attacked the federal Liberals for promoting class conflict and jealousy, and sneered that Justin Trudeau, who was then leading the polls, had chosen a "losing strategy" by paying attention to income inequalities in Canada. Earlier, Ivison's fellow pundit Andrew Coyne accused the grassroots group Occupy Canada of promoting a "phony class war," and the National Post accused Stats Canada of the same crime because it had published a study of income inequality.

We can expect the images of feral, left-wing class warriors stalking the nation to be invoked ever more frequently during the run-up to the fall federal election, and for those images to be used more often against the NDP as it climbs in the polls. What will be less common is accounts of the systematic and largely successful class war waged by Stephen Harper's Conservatives since they came to power in 2006. That form of class struggle, imposed from above, will be labeled "prudent economic policy and good governance."

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