Harper, the message and Canadian democracy - 2015-01-02

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F0.png Harper, the message and Canadian democracy January 2, 2015, Chris Cobb, Ottawa Citizen

What do you see as the most egregious aspect of the Harper government's control over information?

Any message control that limits the ability of individual MPs to function — the unprecedented amount of party control over MPs, the weakening of (Commons) committees and the deliberate derailing of committee work. And the hammering away at the Parliamentary budget officer and efforts to de-legitimize the Auditor General. When the prime minister's office is deciding which choices to make, there isn't any democracy any more.

Do Canadians care?

When they clue in but people are so disconnected from government. Sometimes I think the veneer of democracy in this country is very thin because we are all used to being ruled by one elite or the other.

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