HarperHistory Pt 5 "Stephen vs. ISIS... Kinda" - 2015-10-19

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F355.png #HarperHistory Pt 5 "Stephen vs. ISIS... Kinda" October 19, 2015, Cynically Tested, YouTube

Watch as Canada goes to Social Media war - and the chain of command gets lost when the rapture happens. It's just a regular day in #cdnpoli. www.harperhistory.com!

We're back with the Web Series event of 2015's Canadian Election. TYT Network and Dan Speerin's Truth Mashup presents a look at Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the 2015 election from the year 2025. Join us for this brand new mockumentary starting October 5th and subscribe to Truth Mashup for your Canadian politics fix.

Written and Directed By: Vince Kesavamoorthy and @DanSpeerin

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